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Shriyog Training Academy is certified under ISO to Design, Develop & Deliver safe and effective career oriented Yoga, Wellness and Personality Development training courses for individuals and groups

Shriyog Training Academy was founded under the aegis of Shriyog Wellness, a Yoga alliance registered Yoga school (RYS200). The mission of Shriyog Training Academy is to train and educate new and existing Yoga & Wellness teachers in the most scientific way. Our safe & effective teaching standars are ISO compliant and we welcome people from all walks of life to learn with us and start a career in teaching.

Our courses are certified under the YACEP and ISO standards. We do not follow any system such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Flow etc among many others. Our own unique style of teaching & training courses are developed by experts with numerous years of experience in Yoga, health, ayurveda and wellness. Our courses are simple to teach, they are safe for students, effective in improving overall health in todays day and age

Our Training Team

Shriyog Training Acamedy recruits only the best trainers to teach the courses. Our team or trainers are currently from Shriyog Institute faculty, Prominent vaidyas & Health and diet coaches.


Rajeshree - Mentor, (Founder & CEO Shriyog Institute)


Jai - Trainer, (RYT200 certified teacher)


Sanna - Voice Coach, (Musician and founder, Santunes)


Seema - Trainer, RYT200 certified


Dr Jayashree - Lecturer (Head of Gynac, Dy Patil college of Ayurveda)


Hitesh - Program Director (Lead trainer and senior teacher ERYT 500 certified)

Nisha - Exercise Physiologist (American collegeof sports medicine )