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Accessibility is the key word today.

In the lockdown, being accessible to our loved ones or being accessible to the things we need has been a challenge. Accessibility with oneself got clearer and many reached out for being natural in every consumption, from food to self-maintaining products. Natural remedy to improve one’s immunity during the pandemic was a hotline topic discussed and circulated amongst groups. In a normal course of living too, many seek out for natural remedies to overcome disorders and diseases. Natural is something that is readily available in one’s garden, kitchen and local market and farms. To simplify it, the natural remedy ingredients are usually ingredients that are readily available in the backyard or kitchen. Our grandmothers always had a remedy for our everyday cuts, bruises, burns, cold, cough, heartburn,...


Spiritual Growth

Bhagavad-Gita is the simplest summary of spirituality according to Hindu tradition. The world we see before us today can be called a Utopia – a dream world filled with the best technology and science has to offer. It is easy to be mesmerized by it and want to swim in all the luxuries and fantasies it has to offer. We live in this world like a Goldfish - with a short term memory and a huge ego . We feel we are the centre of the world. And the moment life hits us with a setback we are like deer stuck between the headlights. That’s when we are reminded of this word – Spirituality. Do we look at the sky for to feel spiritual or...

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Yoga and Fatloss – Self Practice

Question: Why can’t we remember and repeat the asanas during self practise as we do with you in the class Answer: Before beginning the class, bring your mind to a neutral place from its sadness or hapiness. Then the memory is ready to collect impressions of body, mind and breath from the asana practise and the teachings and tips given in the class. Later during self-practice, you can rely on the memory and recollect the impressions. But usually, our mind doesn’t allow us to be in the present with our teacher in the class. It wanders around in the past and the future. We are physically following and copying the instructions but mentally we are in some far-off place. Later, our mind forms its own perceptions about...


Yoga and Fatloss – In Festive season

Question: This season there are many festivals as well as weather change, How do we approach the fat loss process this season? Answer: Winter is here and the right practice in November and December is very important as it will help us until June. You can lose both inches and fat. The right practice for you all would include: Asanas such as Purvottanasana, Setubandha Sarvangasana, Sarvangasana. These Asanas will activate our core muscles and help in proper functioning of organic  Body. Also note, core muscles are not just the "six-packs abs" often spoken about, but It's group of muscles surrounding  the abs  like lower back, buttocks, pelvic muscles. We will get our buttock muscles, thighs, lower back and abdominal muscles all involved in Asanas such as Purvottanasana, Setubandha Sarvangasana, Sarvangasana Aggressive workouts accelerate the ageing of the spine....


Women’s Health Class – self practice during Festivals

Question: How should we continue self-practice during Festivals? Answer: Festivities are definitely a time for celebration, but it is also a period of overwhelming work and exhaustion for women. Each day is different for women over 40. Tiredness can seep in without any specific reason. If we are aggressive during such times, nerves are agitated and organic body gets hurt. So festivities is especially the time to be compassionate to ourselves first, before taking care of the family. Women over 40, who are in menstruation, pre-menstrual or in menopause, should focus on - Lengthening the abdomen-  Lengthening the spine- Relaxing the pelvic region without any aggression even though legs are working in asanas like Supta Padangustasana 2Self-Practice during Festivals or engagements that keep you busier than usual - 1.    Each...


Intermediate Class – work on perception and intelligence

Question: Many times, we feel that we are aligned properly as per the teacher's instructions, yet we are unable to do the final asana. Why is that? Answer: We have to work on our perception and intelligence. Our perception about ourselves and people around us guides our decisions in life. For example, sometimes we perceive that our family needs our support and we work hard towards providing it just like the shoulders work to support the neck in Sirsasana. In the process, we might overburden ourselves and our loved ones just like many of us burden our neck and hurt it in Sirsasana. We need to step back and intelligently observe and reflect on our perceptions. What is your perception of your body and the asana? We need to...