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Women’s Health Class – Inner fire

Question: Ma'am, What is the 'Inner fire' that you refer to in the classes? Answer: As we age, we tend to sag in our abdomen, especially women face this struggle. This is because the area becomes so lethargic that even our food does not digest well. This lethargy needs to be replaced with the digestive fire. Just 3 minutes of Suryanamaskar every day, the simple traditional asanas that we do in class and eating light and early dinners help us ignite the fire within and maintain our body weight. Lethargy and dullness are a trait of Tamasic nature. We must convert this into something more positive. Exhaling a bit more in our asanas help us with it. When we use our breath in asana practise, we systematically open the muscles and nerves, and this is where you...


Women’s Health – Bring stability

Question: In asana practice how to bring about stability in our body? Answer: The rainy weather may tend to make our body very lethargic. So, it’s vital to focus on flexibility and extensions with breath awareness. There are certain energy points in our body. In this weather, we focus on and activate the energy point located at the lower abdomen area by lengthening and widening the lower abdomen, and thighs. The lower body is the base of our body which helps us with grounding and stability. Our 3 organs of actions (the leg and 2 excretory organs) are located here. Dullness and inactivity disturb the balance in the lower abdomen. Any issues like digestive problems, menstrual problems, anxiety, mood swings, indecisiveness are symptomatic for unstable lower body leading to...


Light on Yoga – Advanced asanas

Question: Whenever we try to move ahead to advanced asanas, our weaknesses block us. How do we know when we are ready for advanced asanas? Answer:  You have to direct your mind to focus on your positive points rather than the negatives to progress in an advanced pose. Understand the strengths of your body and use it to balance out the weaknesses. We want a combination of flexibility, balance and strength for success in any asanas, not just advanced asanas. Remember we have only one body and we plan on using it efficiently for a long period of time. If you follow the instructions correctly and do the asanas stepwise as taught to you in the classes, you will evolve to a place where asanas are no longer...


Women’s Health Batch – Disassociate Ourself

Question: Sometimes we start the class with a Savasana, why do we do that? Answer: Whenever we take a break to refresh our mind, we are unable to switch off from our usual business of the mind and body. We forget that we are carrying the same body and mind with us to our place of relaxation. Women play several roles in their lives. Our mind loves to associate itself to its favorite roles and it doesn’t let go of these roles even during relaxation. Even while practicing asanas we are often distracted by our thoughts relating to our chores and responsibilities.  We are continuously dwindling in tremendous frequencies of various roles. All we have to do is get on the mat, disengage from the roles and...


Women’s Health Class – Tilt on one side

Question: Why is there always a tilt on one side of the body? What can we do about it? Answer: The tilt on one side of the body is there because we tend to overuse one side and underuse the other. It can be especially felt during Savasana. We must observe our body and make the necessary adjustments and alignments. Simple adjustments given during the class like are useful. Even during Savasana, pulling the buttock flesh out and to the sides can help the student correct the alignment. We remind the Ladies to focus on the “Inner Triangle." The two buttock bones should be in line with each other, so the hips are in one line. This is the baseline. Once this is achieved, draw an imaginary...


Women’s Health Class – Weight loss and Fatloss

Question: Ma'am, what is the difference between weight loss and fatloss? Answer: In Ayurveda, 7 Dhatus make up the principle system of the body. It begins with Rasa-plasma, Rakht-blood, Mamsa-muscles, Meda-fat, Ashti-bone, Majja- nervous Tissues and Shukra and Arthava - reproductive tissues. The food we eat goes through these dhatus. These Dhatus make up our body and the fat content may be higher in some. Also, If the fat content in our food is more, it will affect the body accordingly. Excess fat in food affects our mind as well. Our mind is troubled with our and other people's expectations from us. This constant conflict between mind and you affect the entire system. So, it’s important to first study your body and to also know the difference...