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Spirituality – Saint Dnyaneshwar of Alandi

Dnvaneshwari is a commentary on Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta in a poetic form composed in Marathi by Sant Dnyaneshwar. ('Sant' is Marathi equivalent of 'saint' in English). Sant Dnyaneshwar is fondly called in Maharashtra as "Mauli"- "The loving mother". More than seven hundred years ago, he emerged as an incarnation of love, serenity and compassion for the entire universe and so, he is honoured as a motherly figure and adored with reverence not only by his contemporaries but also by Sants of succeeding generations and by millions of faithful devotees even today. At the blooming age of 22 years he realized that he has accomplished the purpose of his life and that realization led him to enter into Sanjeevan-Samadhi, so that he could remain united with...


Ayurveda – Dinacharya

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of dinacharya or daily routine. Charaka says “As a good citizen takes care of his city, or as a charioteer takes care of his chariot, so a wise person should take proper care of his body to maintain good health”. The daily routine as described by different classical texts of Ayurveda is given below. You should always try to follow it. 1. Rising EarlyRising early in the morning when there is division of day and night, allows one to inhale a lot of fresh air. By so doing, you will feel fresh the whole day. Ayurveda believes that there is more prana and more sattva in the air in the morning. By being awake to receive their influence, you gain greater freshness,...