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Live Right

Accessibility is the key word today.

In the lockdown, being accessible to our loved ones or being accessible to the things we need has been a challenge. Accessibility with oneself got clearer and many reached out for being natural in every consumption, from food to self-maintaining products. Natural remedy to improve one’s immunity during the pandemic was a hotline topic discussed and circulated amongst groups. In a normal course of living too, many seek out for natural remedies to overcome disorders and diseases. Natural is something that is readily available in one’s garden, kitchen and local market and farms. To simplify it, the natural remedy ingredients are usually ingredients that are readily available in the backyard or kitchen. Our grandmothers always had a remedy for our everyday cuts, bruises, burns, cold, cough, heartburn,...


Ayurveda – Dinacharya

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of dinacharya or daily routine. Charaka says “As a good citizen takes care of his city, or as a charioteer takes care of his chariot, so a wise person should take proper care of his body to maintain good health”. The daily routine as described by different classical texts of Ayurveda is given below. You should always try to follow it. 1. Rising EarlyRising early in the morning when there is division of day and night, allows one to inhale a lot of fresh air. By so doing, you will feel fresh the whole day. Ayurveda believes that there is more prana and more sattva in the air in the morning. By being awake to receive their influence, you gain greater freshness,...