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AYURVEDA, THE SCIENCE OF LIFE – Online Course for You & Your Family

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Course Duration: Jan 2021- April 2021

Course Objectives:

       Part 1 – Introduction to Ayurveda (January – 17th)

Historical context, concepts and relevance to todays times

       Part 2 – The Three Doshas and their sub types (January – 31st)

Qualities of Doshas, Actions of the Doshas, Sites of the Doshas

       Part 3 – The Seven Tissues (Dhatus) and Seven Channels (Srotas) (February – 14th)

The formation and role of each Dhatu and Srotas

      Part 4 – The Six tastes (February – 28th) (With Rajeshree Ma’am)

Action of each taste, Intake of each taste, Excess and Deficiency of each taste, Relation of                    Organs & Emotions to each taste

      Part 5 – Constitutional Examination (A) (March – 14th)

Constitutional test to determine your Mind-Body type. Physical & Mental Nature of each Mind-        Body Type

     Part 6 – Constitutional Examination (B) (March – 28th)

Metabolism, Disease potential & Emotional disposition due to excess and deficiency of each             Dosha

     Part 7 – The Disease Process (April – 11th)

Six stages of disease

     Part 8 – The Healing Process (April – 25th)

Ayurvedic Regimens to balance Doshas

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