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Shriyog Training Academy / Voice Development Course – Online

Voice Development Course – Online

4,000.00 2,950.00

Age Criteria:  10yrs onwards

Course Duration: Jan 2021-Mar 2021 (Only Sundays. Check dates below)

Use weekend15 at check-out for additional 15% discount.

Course Objectives

  • To understand Sound and Voice
  • Gain better command over your own voice with Chanting lessons
  • Understanding and practise basics of Indian Classical Music
  • Develop patience and better listening skills
  • Ability to breath better

1) Swar Sadhana and Vocal Exercises: Understand the importance of human voice, learn to open up your voice. January 10th  *An amazing tool to be centred and get connected to your inner voice.

2) Breath Control: Understand the Importance of breath and learn techniques of using breath in voice strengthening. January 24th * Breath control gets an overall command and positive effect in the voice; it also has a calming effect on the body and mind.

3) Ear Training: With music and nature, learn to enrich your lives with beautiful sounds around. February 7th * Makes one a better listener, more sensitive to feelings around and an overall better communicator. Learn to enrich your lives with beautiful sounds around.

4) Power of Sound and Chanting:  Learn to Create depth in your voice and maintain higher energy levels. February 21st * Chanting correctly requires a skill and accuracy. Only then its powers can be harvested

5) Voice Expressions and Using music to enhance life: Includes Voice care tips. March 7th * Helps learn to express better and be an effective communicator.

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