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LIVE HIGHER, LIVE RIGHT – A Virtual Retreat From Your Home

Friday 15th January 8pm to Sunday 17th January 2pm

This year, keeping in mind the challenges and many constraints, we are unable to move into a retreat location away from home, thus we are presenting a completely new format for the 5th edition, Shriyog Sadhana Retreats. This year we continue the tradition of introspection from our home.

Shriyog Sadhana Retreats is a time kept aside at the start of every year for introspection. A time to take a pause, introspect habits, patterns of food, sleep, exercise and emotions.

It is a time to reflect on our responses to the environment and our mind patterns that engrave and engulf us in our own orbit of behaviours. A time to ensure we live a better year, each year.

Shriyog has successfully conducted Yoga & Wellness since 5 years. The key idea is to switch of from our daily busy schedules and introspect about the year gone by and plan for a more health and fulfilling year ahead.

Let us get together with our families and friends to start a culture, set some routines and systems that will set a framework for living right in 2021.

This year let us change our homes into a retreat, a place to LIVE RIGHT!!