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200 HOURS TTP – Become a Yoga & Wellness Instructor


The Certification Program is structured on teaching module that will enable trainees to develop skills over 4 core competencies 1. YOGA TRAINING & PRACTICE 2. ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY, 3. YOGA PHILOSOPHY 4. PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT. The Program also includes Bonus Lectures and Workshops AYURVEDA & VOICE DEVELOPMENT sto complete the Training Program (200+hours). The minimum duration of the Program is 3 months. The main characteristic of our 200-Hour Teacher Training Program (TTP) is the integration of the traditional approach of the ancient texts and yogic culture with the background of scientific research and studies. The structure of the Program, in modules,Lectures, Group Classes and mini-Courses, meets newly arisen needs and specific demands, and provides you the information, instruments and materials to help you learn and structure your yoga experience and teaching style.


The course is designed to broaden and deepen your knowledge of yoga and to assist your personal growth and spiritual practice. After completion of 200-Hour Teacher Training Program By Shriyog Wellness, students will gain a deeper understanding of the principles and history of yoga philosophy, as well as a thorough and practical understanding of the major asanas, including their anatomical and alignment principles, Pranayama, Basics of Ayurveda, Voice development, Chants, and Professional conduct.

Teaching Faculty

Teaching faculty consists of senior Yoga teachers, University Teachers, Vaidyas , Voice development and music teachers and Fitness Coaches

Course Duration & Timings

Next batch starts on in June 2021. Registrations will start soon The course will end in September 2021

Yoga Classes Monday to Friday – between 6.30am – 8am

Training sessions from Monday to Friday – 8am – 8.45 am

Group discussions / Training Classes / Syllabus Lectures Every Alternate Saturday between 10am – 12 noon

Visiting Faculty Lectures – Every Sunday 10am – 12 noon


  1. Asana & Pranayama classes – attending, observation and preparing assignments
  2. Mock Classes
  3. presentations and Demonstrations on Anatomy
  4. Group discussions
  5. Mentorship program
  6. Monthly evaluation exams
How to apply?

Enrolments for our 200-Hour Teacher Training Program are being considered now.

Whatever is the registration deadline we suggest you apply as soon as possible, as the class fills up quickly.  Click on Enroll now to complete registration.

write to for any queries

*Please keep in mind that the Program requires a minimum of 10 participants in order to occur and cover its basic economic costs. 

*Please consult with your doctor/physician before starting any yoga program. Yoga practice is prohibited in case of any mental disorder

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