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Women’s Health Batch – Disassociate Ourself

Shriyog Training Academy / Life talks by Rajeshree  / Women’s Health Batch – Disassociate Ourself

Women’s Health Batch – Disassociate Ourself

Question: Sometimes we start the class with a Savasana, why do we do that?


Whenever we take a break to refresh our mind, we are unable to switch off from our usual business of the mind and body. We forget that we are carrying the same body and mind with us to our place of relaxation. Women play several roles in their lives. Our mind loves to associate itself to its favorite roles and it doesn’t let go of these roles even during relaxation. Even while practicing asanas we are often distracted by our thoughts relating to our chores and responsibilities.  We are continuously dwindling in tremendous frequencies of various roles. All we have to do is get on the mat, disengage from the roles and penetrate within yourself. Savasana is the time to disassociate ourself from these roles and re-energize ourselves. Think about the value of human life bestowed upon you in this life. Contemplate on it as Yoga suggests. We cover our soul with so many notions, like the way we protect our bare body from the world by covering it with many many clothes. Savasana is the time to strip ourselves off these notions one at a time and look at our true self. The relationship between the mind and body should be like that of a mother and a sleeping baby. The mother maintains silence around the baby so that the baby does not get disturbed while resting peacefully. The mother’s attention is on the baby and she is very careful of her every move. Just like that, the mind and breath should be silent around the body but completely aware of it. Like this, Savasana sets the right atmosphere for us to start our yoga practice, especially after a busy morning or long day. Once we reach a quite stage in Savasana, we can say a silent prayer and wish for peace and happiness for mankind around us. If we do this consistently, there will be visible mental and emotional changes within us that will percolate in our life.

Lots of love,

See you on the mat!

(Compiled by Shriyog Trainee Seema from Women’s Health)
Shriyog Wellness

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