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Women’s Health Class – Tilt on one side

Shriyog Training Academy / Life talks by Rajeshree  / Women’s Health Class – Tilt on one side

Women’s Health Class – Tilt on one side

Question: Why is there always a tilt on one side of the body? What can we do about it?


The tilt on one side of the body is there because we tend to overuse one side and underuse the other. It can be especially felt during Savasana. We must observe our body and make the necessary adjustments and alignments. Simple adjustments given during the class like are useful. Even during Savasana, pulling the buttock flesh out and to the sides can help the student correct the alignment. We remind the Ladies to focus on the “Inner Triangle.” The two buttock bones should be in line with each other, so the hips are in one line. This is the baseline. Once this is achieved, draw an imaginary line between the two buttock bones and the two pubic bone corners and let this line join at the navel. This is “your inner triangle” which should always be lifting in all the asanas. This Triangle is the key to good health and alignment too. 
We also mention doing arm releases, leg releases and simple asanas like Upavishta Konasana before the class. These releases help to align the body and remove the tilt before the class starts and the asanas done in the class are then better. We always encourage to work more on the weaker side to strengthen both sides equally and help them fall into alignment. 
These are the ways in which support is provided to correct the tilt. But the problem starts when the student’s only goal is to feel better and not progress in Yoga with correct alignment. If our goal is to feel good about ourselves, Yoga will also definitely help with it. We will get better at asanas, leading to ambitiousness, multi-tasking abilities and all the qualities that boost our confidence. These can lead to wrong actions that will cost us more in the future. In place of the short term feeling of joy and confidence, we can intend a long term growth, and in the present moment, we start by aligning our body with attention.

Lots of love,

See you on the mat!

(Compiled by Shriyog Trainee Seema from Women’s Health)
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