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Yoga and Fatloss – In Festive season

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Yoga and Fatloss – In Festive season

Question: This season there are many festivals as well as weather change, How do we approach the fat loss process this season?


Winter is here and the right practice in November and December is very important as it will help us until June. You can lose both inches and fat. The right practice for you all would include: Asanas such as Purvottanasana, Setubandha Sarvangasana, Sarvangasana. These Asanas will activate our core muscles and help in proper functioning of organic  Body. Also note, core muscles are not just the “six-packs abs” often spoken about, but It’s group of muscles surrounding  the abs  like lower back, buttocks, pelvic muscles. We will get our buttock muscles, thighs, lower back and abdominal muscles all involved in Asanas such as Purvottanasana, Setubandha Sarvangasana, Sarvangasana Aggressive workouts accelerate the ageing of the spine. Overdoing crunches and sit-ups might temporarily bring a sense of wellbeing but it has a log term negative implication and must be avoided. The intensity of practice will increase in the coming months. Our goal is not to gain weight if ever we decide to stop our practice for a few days. Hence our classes intensely focus on the organic body for long term fat loss. Diet plays a very important role and you may have to give up or drastically minimalise on a few things especially in the coming months. – Avoid rice at night – You can eat brown rice at lunch – Cut down on grains – Some carbohydrates are needed and must be eaten – Don’t just eat protein – Bhakri is also good alternative to eat – Can eat a light snack at 5.30 pm or 6 pm so that dinner will end up being light – Raw vegetables are not suggested for all as it may not suit everybody – You can make an awla chutney for lunch ensuring that you eat a little before, during and after the meal  (grind awla, ginger, cumin and salt) – You can eat Ajwain chutney at night or just boil some leaves in water and drink that. – Wheat must be consumed in the afternoon (wheat is considered as Madhur taste – sweet taste and can be digested in the afternoon by adults like us) Our diet changes between the age of 35 to 50 and after 50 years of age. Hence right food is needed to make digestion work and right asana sequence is a real help at such stages of life. Why are we doing all this? See it is not just about losing weight. We have to lose it well. Our constitution is shaped by our land and many factors. We must not compare our bodies with the bodies of people from other countries especially models and advertisements. We don’t belong to that strata and must not expect to be like them. Our bodies need some fat. We must age and shed weight gracefully. Let there be no mental issues surrounding fat loss. We have to supplement our body. In later years, as we age, we may face dryness, helplessness, lethargy and fatigue We can avoid that by building energy now.

Lots of love,


See you on the mat! #shriyoglife #journeyinwards (Compiled by Shriyog Trainee Seema from Yoga and Fatloss Class)
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