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Yoga and Fatloss – Self Practice

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Yoga and Fatloss – Self Practice

Question: Why can’t we remember and repeat the asanas during self practise as we do with you in the class


Before beginning the class, bring your mind to a neutral place from its sadness or hapiness. Then the memory is ready to collect impressions of body, mind and breath from the asana practise and the teachings and tips given in the class. Later during self-practice, you can rely on the memory and recollect the impressions. But usually, our mind doesn’t allow us to be in the present with our teacher in the class. It wanders around in the past and the future. We are physically following and copying the instructions but mentally we are in some far-off place. Later, our mind forms its own perceptions about the asanas, the practice, the instructions and even about ourselves. These perceptions keep changing throughout the day depending on our moods and attitudes.
So, it is critical to direct our mind with attention and be in the present moment when you are in the class and everything else will fall in place.
Take good care of yourself and enjoy the festivals with your family.

Lots of love,

See you on the mat!

(Compiled by Shriyog Trainee Seema from Women’s Health)
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